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Air Master 3D Lite Approved!

The dem… err, “lite” version of Air Master 3D was approved earlier today! You can find it on the App Store here. To go along with the release of the demo, I’ve dropped the price of the full version to $.99! I’m hoping that having a demo up will get more people to try AM3D – it’s tough convincing people to download your game, especially given how crowded the App Store is.

The demo contains just one planet – the snow planet – and no custom level mode, which I think is becoming my favorite part of the game now.

I had noticed this mentioned somewhere, but it seems that Apple is no longer sending out emails notifying you of an app’s approval for sale. This means that you have to constantly check itunesconnect about your app’s status, or risk showing up a page or two down when your app comes out – killing your app before it ever has a chance.

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Air Master 3D Reviewed at AppChatter

Air Master 3D just had its first review come in, find it over at AppChatter!

Air Master 3D by Alex Nankervis is a fun airplane shooter game that is out of this world. … Overall, Air Master 3D is a fun shooter game for anybody that likes flight simulation and shooting. The only question is can you become the Master of the Air?

I’ve added a Reviews page for Air Master 3D, where I’ll collect all reviews in a permanent place as they come in.

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Air Master 3D Lite Submitted

I just submitted Air Master 3D Lite to Apple for review – if all goes well, expect to see it in the App Store in about a week! The demo for Air Master 3D includes just one planet (the snow planet) and no custom level mode. Also, as of this version, Air Master 3D has a new icon! The old one was pretty bland… hopefully this one will stand out a bit more!


Old vs New Icon

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Air Master 3D v1.3 Update Approved!

The 1.3 update was approved last night! I haven’t heard of updates being approved on the weekend before, so Apple must be trying to fight the backlog of submissions.

It’s up and visible on the App Store now. Thanks to everyone who left reviews in iTunes and elsewhere – it’s all invaluable feedback and I love hearing what people like and don’t like in the game!

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Gammon Trigger Preview

This is the first video we’ve put together of Gammon Trigger – we’re pretty excited about it, and we’ll be putting more details out there soon, so check back!

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New Gameplay Video for Air Master 3D

Here’s a new video of in-game footage to go along with the Air Master 3D v1.3 update.

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Air Master 3D v1.3 Update Submitted

Hey folks, the 1.3 update for Air Master 3D has been submitted to Apple and is in the approval pipe! Here’s the list of changes:

-Custom level mode: adjust unit counts, planet type, and terrain height
-Thicker HUD indicators for enemies
-Sharper menu graphics
-“How to play” guide with unit descriptions
-Reduced memory usage

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