Air Master 3D v1.4 Submitted

Air Master 3D‘s 1.4 update was submitted the other night! I hear there’s a bit of a backlog at Apple for update approval, so it may take longer than the usual week to go live on iTunes. Here’s the changelist:

  • Added a radar map (can be disabled in options)
  • Added seeking missile secondary weapon
  • Improved terrain graphics
  • Improved level load time 35%
  • Added 3rd person chase camera as an in-game toggle
  • Widened difficulty range
  • Added option to disable auto-aim for an increased challenge
  • Improved menu graphics
  • Improved in-game UI text and icons
  • Added UI feedback sound (button click)
  • Screen shake is now triggered by ground collision when enabled
  • Added an additional “how to play” screen, now shows on first run
  • Difficulty and sensitivity sliders now slide when dragged

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