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Air Master 3D Featured in Canada!

Air Master 3D has been featured in the Canadian App Store, under New & Noteworthy! I’m pretty excited, it’s slowly rising in the rankings there and I can only hope it gets featured in the United States soon!

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Air Master 3D v1.5 Submitted!

Should show up on iTunes in about a week! This is a big update, but not everything requested made it in, so stay tuned for 1.6. Here’s the changelist:

  • Textured models!
  • Terrain deforms from large explosions
  • Textured water to differentiate from sky
  • Option to rotate screen orientation and home button position
  • Improved 3rd person chase camera, now less rigid
  • Targeting diamonds are now hidden when up close
  • Menu shows random battle at launch, current battle if paused
  • Added loading screen with progress bar when changing levels
  • Added altimeter under health meter
  • Wingmen and enemy fighters can now launch missiles
  • Added glow effect to lasers and engines
  • Increased enemy ground turret rate of fire
  • Improved AI aiming ability, tied to difficulty setting
  • Added flaming chunky triangle explosion goodness
  • Terrain and models are dynamically lit by nearby lights

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The Portable Gamer Reviews Air Master 3D!

Ian Saunders put up a glowing review of Air Master 3D over at!

I can honestly say I do not remember the last time I had so much fun with an iPhone game. Reminiscent of the classic Descent series, AirMaster 3D hits a home run… AirMaster 3D has the best executed use of the accelerometer and on-screen controls I have encountered on the iPhone… On the whole, AirMaster 3D brings back the classic good vs. evil, green vs. red that is in the heart of any true gamer.

Thanks Ian! Nice screenshots, too – capturing them at just the right moment on the iPhone is no easy task.

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appVersity Reviews Air Master 3D!

Bob from appVersity posted a very nice review of Air Master 3D last night!

Air Master 3D is a fine addition to the Sci Fi Flying genre. It’s one of the first games that really gave me a good sense of flying and the shooting worked perfectly. I feel like a kid all over again.

Thanks Bob! They’ve got a very active review section at appVersity, and they’re already off to a good start with their new forums (where you can find even more app reviews), so if you’re into iPhone/iPod touch gaming at all, this place is worth going back to.

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Pocket Gamer Reviews Air Master 3D

A big thanks to and Spanner Spencer for reviewing Air Master 3D! It was a very fair review, and from a developer’s perspective I have to say it’s invaluable feedback to help steer my future updates. I wasn’t expecting them to review it, so I was just excited to see my game on the front page!

Stay tuned for update 1.5, which will address a lot of the issues I’ve been collecting feedback on from 1.4.

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