Air Master 3D v1.6 Submitted – 3GS Renderer!

Hey everyone, Air Master 3D v1.6 is now submitted to Apple! The big one for this update is a completely new iPhone 3GS renderer that adds a bit of eye candy for people with newer devices.

Here’s the changelist:

  • Now requires OS 3.0 and up
  • 3GS renderer with new special effects:
    • Reflective, rippling water
    • Distortion effect on explosion rings
    • Dynamically lit volume clouds
    • Extra up-close terrain detail
  • Reduced memory usage
  • New player ship model
  • Repositioned HUD radar to avoid chase camera conflict

The move to OS 3.0 as a minimum is unfortunate, but the alternative was to release the 3GS version as a completely separate app. This way existing users get the update for free!

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