Air Master 3D v1.7 – iPad Support!

Air Master 3D v1.7 is available on the App Store now, with the following changes:

  • iPad support
  • 3GS/3rd-gen touch optimizations
  • Auto-detect device orientation

Air Master 3D - iPad v1.7

Creating the native iPad version was fairly straightforward, mostly involving changes in the Apple UI guidelines (app must launch in the correct orientation, and menus must auto-rotate). I was a bit disappointed with the 3D performance of the iPad, though – triangle throughput is good, but pixel fill rate doesn’t scale up to the higher resolution. Particle effects (the clouds) and dependent texture reads (the explosion distortion effect) are especially slow in the iPad version. On the bright side, optimizing the game to run decently on the iPad has made it run silky-smooth on the 3GS!

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