Air Master 3D

You are the last Air Master, humanity’s only hope against an unstoppable alien threat! Make your way to the alien homeworld, destroying everything in your path across five planets.

  • True 3D flight
  • Tilt and rotate to fly your plane with the accelerometer
  • Touch the screen to shoot and control your speed
  • Procedural levels make each game different
  • HUD with artificial horizon and enemy tracking
  • Custom level mode lets you easily set up battles beyond the included levels

Air Master 3D combines arcade action with the iPhone’s tilt controls and a 3D battlefield, for a fun and fast-paced flight combat game!

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Available for iPhone and iPod touch. See what people are saying about the game in our Reviews section!

Support and Info E-mail: airmaster [at] massiveegogames [dot] com





Version 1.9 Updates:

  • Added asteroids space level
  • Added skies to all levels
  • Detect tilt out of range and prompt to calibrate controls
  • Volume slider added to options menu

Version 1.8 Updates:

  • Turret / chase camera (touch to shoot)
  • Adjusted UFO fire rate, accuracy, and damage
  • Wingmen are less likely to attack shielded targets
  • Updated water textures
  • iOS 4 tested

Version 1.7 Updates:

  • iPad support
  • 3GS/3rd-gen touch optimizations
  • Auto-detect device orientation

Version 1.6 Updates:

  • Now requires OS 3.0 and up
  • 3GS renderer with new special effects:
    • Reflective, rippling water
    • Distortion effect on explosion rings
    • Dynamically lit volume clouds
    • Extra up-close terrain detail
  • Reduced memory usage
  • New player ship model
  • Repositioned HUD radar to avoid chase camera conflict

Version 1.5 Updates:

  • Textured models!
  • Terrain deforms from large explosions
  • Textured water to differentiate from sky
  • Option to rotate screen orientation and home button position
  • Improved 3rd person chase camera, now less rigid
  • Targeting diamonds are now hidden when up close
  • Menu shows random battle at launch, current battle if paused
  • Added loading screen with progress bar when changing levels
  • Added altimeter under health meter
  • Wingmen and enemy fighters can now launch missiles
  • Added glow effect to lasers and engines
  • Increased enemy ground turret rate of fire
  • Improved AI aiming ability, tied to difficulty setting
  • Added flaming chunky triangle explosion goodness
  • Terrain and models are dynamically lit by nearby lights

Version 1.4 Updates:

  • Added a radar map (can be disabled in options)
  • Added seeking missile secondary weapon
  • Improved terrain graphics
  • Improved level load time 35%
  • Added 3rd person chase camera as an in-game toggle
  • Widened difficulty range
  • Added option to disable auto-aim for an increased challenge
  • Improved menu graphics
  • Improved in-game UI text and icons
  • Added UI feedback sound (button click)
  • Screen shake is now triggered by ground collision when enabled
  • Added an additional “how to play” screen, now shows on first run
  • Difficulty and sensitivity sliders now slide when dragged

Version 1.3 Updates:

  • Custom level mode: adjust unit counts, planet type, and terrain height
  • Thicker HUD indicators for enemies
  • Sharper menu graphics
  • “How to play” guide with unit descriptions
  • Reduced memory usage

Version 1.2 Updates:

  • Pause menu
  • Adjustable difficulty and control sensitivity
  • Accelerometer tilt calibration
  • Per-level high scores
  • Level select screen
  • Improved explosions
  • Added green wingmen fighters that fight with you
  • Optional ground collision damage
  • Revised score system with streak multiplier
  • Framerate performance improvements
  • Flying enemies crash into ground when near death
  • UFOs repair damaged buildings
  • Revised powerup drops

Version 1.1 Updates:

  • Added two new alien homeworld levels
  • Framerate performance improvements
  • Added engine sound
  • Improved gun sound
  • Added rapid fire powerup
  • Adjusted neutral control pitch

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  2. #2 by Tobin at August 24th, 2009

    I love Air Master 3D! It’s one of my most played iPod games! Keep up the great work 🙂

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    Hey, I was wondering if by any chance you would be willing to send me some promo codes for your applications to review and giveaway on my YouTube channel. I have seen your applications that you have created and they are something that I would love to review on my channel and I’m sure my viewers would love it also. I have about 500 people subscribed to my YouTube channel. My channel is . So please email me back and tell me if it would be something that you would be willing to do. Thanks for your time.

  4. #4 by Ken Hairr at May 15th, 2016

    This ap does not work since I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus. It starts and immediately crashes

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